What is crowdfunding and how can Indiahelps help me?

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Indiahelps- best crowdfunding platform in india

Crowd funding is a practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amouts of money from a large number of people.

Indiahelps aims to connect people who can support these ventures with people with an idea or in need of help.

The main aim of Indiahelps is to get people to join together and support social causes and raise money for various projects 

The projects could be a  charitable cause or support. Indiahelps does not charge any money for any charitable donation. we want you to share your stories with us or a cause you support so we can share it with the world and get much needed support and financial aid.we do understand that there are various charitable organisations doing a brilliant job in India and elsewhere and we do not want to be a substitute to these organisations but a medium from which they can get the word out.

We aim to help everyday people who can do better with little help, this could be collecting money for a child's school fees or even raising money to construct a school in your area.



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