About us

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We are always interested in sharing stories,experiences and your opinons on how every day people like you and me are helping others succeed and realise their life goals. The project could be a a cause,a  a charitable venture or a prototype idea; whatever it is, we can help you get your word out and get the required support.

How did this all start?

As mentioned earlier, we are always intrested in sharing stories and experiences of everyday people. For me it all started with a tragic experience. I was just browsing the internet one day and came across a forum where one guy was asking for donations. He was collecting money inorder to send his friend's body to India who recently died in an accident in UK .I did monitor that forum for few hours and saw that many people from all across the globe did donate but had hard time sending money to this person.

I did donate, what I could at the point but realised that people had will to donate money to a good cause but did lack a proper medium. Indiahelps.org hopes to be that medium and help people in need.

It is for this reason that we charge a very nominal fee (to keep up with our costs) for any donation and all the payments are given directly to the organisation.

If you have a story, we would like to hear it so please Get in touch!!